Is Thought Leadership Just Another Buzzword?

what's all this talk about thought leadership?

I recently read about Michigan’s Lake Superior State University’s annual list of overused words and phrases that students deem worthy of banishment from the English language. Among recent offenders were some tried-and-true favorites (ginormous and man cave to name a couple), as well as relative newcomers to our daily vernacular such as selfie and twerking. (more…)

Will Australia’s Tall Poppies Keep Its Content Marketers Down?

tall poppy syndrome and content marketing
Since moving to Sydney three months ago I’ve repeatedly heard about Tall Poppy Syndrome, the notion that, among other things, Australians are prone to criticize highly successful people and, in effect, cut down anyone who stands a bit taller than the rest. Earlier this year Deloitte CMO David Redhill cited it as a factor that is holding back innovation in Australia, explaining how “There is a cultural cringe… where people don’t like to be seen as champions of change and stark innovators.” (more…)

Viral Content: How Barack Obama Rocked It Between Two Ferns

Barack Obama Shows the Power of Content Marketing on "Between Two Ferns"

Barack Obama made a content marketing slam dunk this week when his interview on “Between Two Ferns” went viral. Hosted by Zack Galifianakis, the satirical Internet talk show featured on the website Funny or Die has become increasingly popular among young adults. The periodic program consists of humorous, albeit painfully awkward, interviews between Galifianakis and a variety of Hollywood celebs ranging from Toby McGuire to Sally Fields. While a far cry from the typical media outlets for the President of the United States, the humorous six-minute interview proved to be a strategic success. Not only did Obama get to flex his funny bone, but he also drove home the importance of one of his biggest agenda items. (more…)

Compelling Content and the Case of the Ass-Eating Pants

Kjeragbolten used to represent a wedge

One of my favorite German words is ‘Arschfristhose,’ which is the term used to express the concept a wedgie (those of you in need a refresher on what a wedgie is can find an excellent description from Wikipedia here). While not a word most of us tend to use in polite company in either language, I like the German version so much because of how wonderfully descriptive it is. Whereas the word ‘wedgie’ certainly implies the appropriate wedging action, it’s otherwise pretty vague. The German word’s literal translation, which equates to ‘ass-eating pants,’ by contrast, couldn’t be more vivid. (more…)

When Language, Content, and Communication Converge

images for content marketing, communications

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the way people communicate. It began with a passion for learning how to express myself in other languages — initially in Spanish and, over time, in German, French, and Italian. From a relatively young age, I saw these languages as a gateway into the cultures of the people who spoke them. In my view, those cultures often remained closed, at least in part, to those who didn’t take the time to understand how the people living within them communicated. (more…)